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  • Required Vaccinations
    We require all guests/clients to be up-to-date on the following vaccinations: Bordetella Rabies Distemper Canine Cough Fecal, negative (annually) We also require that all guests be on regular flea and tick prevention. Proof of vaccination and preventatives must be received prior to your pet's visit with us. You can upload them when you complete your Client Registration Form or email them to We do not waiver or allow exceptions from our vaccination policy.
  • What breeds do you accept?
    We board and service all breeds as long as they are not aggressive. We will not service any aggressive dog, regardless of breed, to ensure the safety of all our guests and staff. Dogs must be clean and free of parasites (ticks, fleas, mites, etc.). There will be a $30 bathing fee for any guest who needs to be bathed due to dirt or parasites before being boarding.
  • How old does my puppy have to be in order to receive services/stay at your facility?
    We require that they be old enough to be fully vaccinated 72-hours prior to arrival/check in.
  • Spay/Neuter Policy
    Dogs do not have to be spayed or neutered in order to stay with us. However, we do require spay/neutering in order to participate in group activities. If your dog is in heat, please consider booking your spa visits around her heat cycle.
  • What is your reservation, cancellation and policy on deposits?
    Late Fee & No-Show Policy: Due to the one-on-one nature of our appointments, we may not be able to take your pet if you are more than 15 minutes late. Failure to cancel an appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled time will result in a 50% Inconvenience Fee added to your account. This must be paid before we will render any further services. Retrieving your dog more than 30 minutes after your pick-up call may result in a daycare charge of $15. We understand that emergencies happen, and try our best to be flexible for our clients. It is not fair to other clients, however, for their pets to be inconvenienced because of another customer. After your second no-call no-show event, you will not be eligible to rebook. Advanced deposits will not be refunded if reservation is not cancelled within the appropriate time frame. There may be additional cancellation penalties for reservations made three months or more in advance or during high demand periods. If the pet owner wishes to pick up pets earlier than the end reserved date, thereby cancelling reserved days, owner will be responsible for the full cost of the number of days reserved.
  • Pet Owner Liability
    The pet owner is solely responsible and liable for the behavior, injury to other dogs or staff, or damage to any part of the facility, including the kennel. The pet owner represents that any pet(s) boarded at our facility have not harmed, nor shown aggression towards pets or humans. Owner is solely responsible for all monies accrued due to injury or damage, and release Wagsworth Hotel from all liabilities.
  • Health
    The pet owner agrees upon boarding pet(s), the pet is in good health. If the pet has been ill or exposed to any diseases in the last 30-days, the owner understands that the pet(s) cannot be boarded at Wagsworth Hotel until the pet(s) have 31-days of good health and no exposure to contagious illnesses.
  • Elderly Pets
    Pet owner understands that boarding and grooming of an elderly pet(s), or pet(s) with health problems may cause the pet additional stress, and as a result the pet(s) may become ill.
  • How does the intake/drop-off process take?
    Please complete your Client Registration Form prior to your first visit. Allow for about 15 minutes for us to double check/complete paperwork, tag your animals belongings and ensure they are set up in their room.
  • Trip Delays
    If the Pet's Owner's trip is delayed, and the owner is unable to pick-up pet as scheduled, there will be a fee accordingly. The owner will be charged an extra day if the pet is not picked up by 6PM.
  • Payments & Fees
    Payment is expected at the time that services are rendered. We accept all major credit cards through the Square system and although this is our preferred payment method, we also accept Zelle, ApplePay and cash. Any returned or unpaid item is subject to an automatic $40 fee. Outstanding invoices will be assessed a late payment fee of $100 for every 30 days overdue. Clients with outstanding charges will not be able to come to spa, daycare or boarding or make reservations for either until their outstanding balance is paid. In the event that a client is frequently delinquent, prepayment will be required for all services.
  • How do I book your services?
    ALL CLIENTS MUST COMPLETE THE CLIENT REGISTRATION FORM in order to receive any service from Wagsworth Hotel and its family of brands. FOR HOTEL RESERVATION REQUESTS: Please make your requests
  • Facility tours?
    Yes, tour times are by reservation only! Please call to schedule.
  • Evaluation & Facility Acclamation
    The evaluation/facility acclamation is a simple PlayDay. We ask that you leave your dog with us for a maximum of 4 hours. During PlayDay we will temperament test and let your dog get accustom to the smells and operation of our kennel. We want your dog to be comfortable and happy.
  • Do I need to bring my own food?
    Yes, we highly recommend that your pet stay on the same diet. Switching your dogs diet can cause unpleasant stomach issues when they return home. Please send food in individual Ziplock bags for each feeding and each day. You can also use our food. We serve Purina One True Instinct - Turkey and Venison flavor. We also serve "Sunday Dinner" a fresh, hot meal of chicken and rice (bland, no seasoning) prepared in a crockpot. There is a fee for us to provide meals. Please ask for pricing and more information.
  • Can I bring treats for my pet?
  • Can I get extra activities for my dog?
    Yes! You can always add additional playtimes for your dog when they are here. Choose from an additional private playtime, nature walk, splash time (summer months) or training. Contact us for additional pricing and information.
  • Medications
    Yes we will administer mediations to your pup.
  • Can my pets stay together in the same suite?
    Yes, we are happy to board pet siblings together. Because they'll be in close proximity, please only board siblings together who get along very well.
  • Why is my dog so tired when we get home from boarding?
    From all the playtime! When your dog is with us, they are getting a lot more playtime than they are probably use to at home. Being tired and sleepy the days after boarding is totally normal and means that your dog had a great time with us!
  • Bathing & Grooming
    Allen's Mobile Pet Spa, LLC grooms all of our clients and guests. We offer bathing services to all guest who board with us.
  • Non-Groomable Pet Policy
    NON-GROOMABLE PET POLICY REMINDER: At Allen’s Pet Spa, we try to complete all pet services in their entirety and to you, the Pet Parent’s, satisfaction. This is how we make a living and if we are injured in any way shape or form it creates a ripple effect which causes us to not be able to service you, other clients, close for business, etc. If your pet is seen is deemed non-groomable or is hiding, you will be fully charged for the appointment due to the groomer’s loss of time in which they could have scheduled another appointment. What is a non-groomable pet? A pet described as one that, upon arrival and service attempted, evaluates any solo or combination of the following. Please note that this is not a comprehensive or exclusive list and is subject to each Groomer’s skillset and judgment. Too aggressive Overly anxious Sick or sickly in appearance Visibly too old and frail to withstand a full grooming session Unable to be handled by their owner or person in the home Has certain skin conditions including but not limited to lesions, mange, parasites, rashes, and open wounds Undisclosed heart or breathing conditions Mats so tight to certain areas that they must be taken care of by a veterinarian to safely remove via sedation Unvaccinated or expired vaccination If a we decide to proceed with grooming despite these factors or only judges a pet to be non-groomable after the grooming process has begun, you will still be charged for the aforementioned reasons as well as for the effort and risk the pet has posed to Groomer’s health and safety as well as to pets they will see in future appointments and for the additional deep cleaning and sanitization that may be required as a result. Grooming can be a stressful process for some pets and they can get overly worked up where they can pose a safety hazard to themselves by writhing, straining, thrashing, and making erratic movements, as well as an increase in high heart, blood pressure, and breathing rates. Should any of these be a factor, the grooming process must be stopped for the day and veterinary attention is advised prior to another grooming session to be attempted. While we want every pet to look their best, their health and safety are our number one priority. Should a pet be deemed as non-groomable, We reserve the right to require a letter of clearance from their veterinarian to have another groom attempted. If grooming has to be terminated due to a pet’s fatigue, stress, or other health conditions, subject to the Groomer’s discretion and availability, a reattempt may be possible for an additional fee ($50 in spa; $70 mobile/in-house). We realize it may seem counterintuitive to be charged an additional fee for an incomplete job but we must take into consideration that these are circumstances beyond the Groomer’s control & travel expenses (for mobile clients) and lost appointment opportunities are still a factor. Our Groomers will do whatever they can to make your pet’s grooming go as smooth as possible the first and second time around if required. If, after two attempts, the groomer cannot safely complete the groom in these scenarios, a letter of clearance from your veterinarian must be provided before another groom can be scheduled for your pet. Reattempts at grooming must be scheduled within 1 week of the original appointment or else a full, new appointment & corresponding fees will apply. Groomers assigned to reattempts (if other than the original Groomer) are made aware of the situation and, in accepting the appointment, agree that they are willing, capable, and trained to handle the particular circumstance.


Please take a moment to review our policies.  Disregarding them may result in FEES and/or REFUSAL OF SERVICE.

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