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Bringing families closer together by giving them the dog they want and deserve!

Kashif Elite K-9 Training, founded by Allen K Frazier Brown is North Charleston's premier dog training and rehabilitation service.

Kashif Elite K-9 Training provides quality 1-on-1 dog training and rehabilitation for any dog.  We ensure a full variety of dog training programs, each tailored to your dog's specific needs!  We don't discriminate against any breed of behavioral issues.  We can help any dog, of breed with any problem.

We have had lots of success with correcting all behaviors such as jumping, pulling, aggression, fear, hyperactivity, counter surfing, resource guarding, separation anxiety, leash reactivity and more.  We bridge the communication gap between you and your dog making communicating with your furry companion much easier giving you a stress-free life with your dog.

If you have tried several different trainers and nothing has helped, there is still hope!  We are your last stop for all your dog training needs.  Kashif's Elite K-9 Training provides dog obedience training and dog behavior modification for any problem dog in and around the North Charleston area.  We believe in training your dog in real world situations so that you get the most out of training.

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