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MERCH STORE | Show your love and support for The Wagsworth Family Brands!  This is the only place to get official merchandise for these brands.

Basic Bitch logo.png

Basic Bitch is our all-natural pet product line.  Protect and treat your pups to the best salves, shampoos, colognes and more.

Sire Studwear .png

Sire (coming soon) is our couture line of inspired by menswear for the dapper male dogs in your life.  We also will have items for females too.


Dame (coming soon) is our couture line of collars and leashes for "classy bitches". Items for the boys too!  

Welcome to W Boutique!  Here we carefully create and acquire items for the dapper pup and discerning owner.  Check her for unique gifts, finds and creations.

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