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Why Choose Us?

Proudly Providing Award-Winning Pet Care Services

Wagsworth Hotel is a recognized, multi-award winning pet care facility.  We are honored to have placed in the Best of Central Georgia Businesses n 2021. 


Many local pet professionals find that our facility meets their discriminating needs.  We are very proud of the fact that not only do they refer Wagsworth Hotel to their clients, many use our services too.  This is considered the absolute highest compliment a pet care facility can receive, and it something we are enormously proud of.

Cage Free, Highly Recommended Dog Boarding

  • Cage-free boarding

  • Trained, certified and loving staff

  • Premium elevated beds 

  • Highest level of sanitizing procedures possible, utilizing the best hospital-grade disinfectants

  • carefully designed boarding layout - the entire facility is split into separate zones to reduce the number of guests occupying one area;  this is a more expensive way to design a pet care facility , but it significantly reduces pets' stress levels while they are boarding.

  • Premium dog shampoo used in our spa

  • Full computerized reservation system wit daily backups to ensure complete accuracy

  • Flawless customer service

  • Voted Bronze, Best of Middle Georgia Dog Boarding/Daycare 2022 by The Telegraph

  • Voted Bronze, Best of Middle Georgia Dog Grooming 2022 by The Telegraph

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